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Shameless Shares ‘Impicabadala’. “Contrast and delicious idiosyncrasies.”

‘Unsophisticated’ isn’t what ‘Impicabadala’ is. Nor it ever will be. It is a simple tune that rocks. The fusion-punk-prog amalgamation in rock, the song blatantly announces its presence in contrast and delicious idiosyncrasies.

And it’s fab.

The song’s indelible attraction in story telling is highlighted further by the classic punk drive that keeps the energy of the song at that premium level.

SHAMELESS is a 3 piece punk band based out of Soweto, South Africa and they incorporate traditional Zulu song ideas into modern guitar frame works.

Fab idea and in ‘Impicabadala’, it works to the hilt.

As the chanting of the song thumps into your consciousness, the thriving kick of the punk aesthetics, pummel you into submission, as the vocals from the trio marinate your new world and outlook.

The music video is oddly summarized with visuals that delivers with understated gumption and where-with-all.

We know nothing about the band.

But isn’t that even more exciting, in a way?

Sure enough.



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