Shamir on Audiotree Live (Full Session Video)

Shamir shifts and evolves. Maybe more fairer to say: he gets more bored with the conventional. His convention. His work’s through-put. His music’s life span is important. In his latest offering ‘Revelations’ which was released early November 2017, it is certainly a departure from his past ‘Hope’ and ‘Rachet’. But the truth of the work, and deeper resonance, in all angles, makes it an artful retribution.

It’s an odd and maybe perplexing move, to many. But not to Shamir.

Shamir does what his art dictates. He transforms, and he’s good with that. He expands the boundaries, like a boss.

After his success from his debut album ‘Rachet’, he’d come to a cross-roads. But the powers that be, didn’t agree to that road.

Because for him, he’d simply had a new set of musical convictions – simply a new road – which he had to travel.

So, after leaving his original label (with a magnificent debut, under his belt), he just went back to his loves: Country and Punk.

Simple as that.

How about that, right?

In 2017, he returned with ‘Hope’. Self released. Digital. Critical Hit.

He was back.

But now, he’d come to a place where he’s doing what he’d love to play, more under his control.

On his terms.

Now, with his new partners at Father/Daughter Records, the new album aptly named ‘Revelations’ dropped in Early November.

Here’s how the label puts it:

The new album is stacked with stunning exhalations of emotion, as Shamir continues making music for misfits and those of us who feel so emo sometimes that we get annoyed at how we’re a cliché, but see the beauty in it anyway.

When we watch and listen to Shamir (circa End of 2017 and marching into 2018), he IS a new artist.

He’s transformed.

He’s spreading new roots.

Although his art will be hard to take for many. But in turn, many others will gravitate towards it.

The garage, emo, pop feel of his offerings are profoundly and purposefully ‘disheveled’ and ‘manic’ – all by design.

It’s an outright internal declaration of banishment for his past experiences – a walk towards a new and different musical life, he’s built for himself.

The experiment has started.

The album breaks away; his music breaks away – with certainty, confidence – just like an iceberg off of its mother glacier – sailing into a larger and more vast Ocean of possibilities.

‘Revalations’ isn’t about being technical. It’s about stepping forward – in whole.

Looking forward.

“Onward sailor. Onward.”

Ultimately, it is a strong statement of reckoning, from a deft and serious artist.

All the best in your endeavors, Shamir.


The new album is available now.


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