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SHAMIR Releases New Music Video For ‘Larry Clark’. And As Always, Weirdly Delectable.

We love SHAMIR. From the first time we heard his stuff, we were enthralled. SHAMIR is that quintessential ‘deviant’ who does what he wants, and does what he IS. Nothing gets more honest than that kind of philosophy.

From his acclaimed ‘pop’ days to the current manifestation, he’s the one to look for when barriers could be thrown open, or when you’d just want to stew in your small footprint, by yourself, in a dark corner of that square room, feeling the satisfaction of ‘irrelevance’ in order to escape it.

Absorption is the name of this saga, and SHAMIR exposes the thin skin, and let’s the underlying vessels roast in the wind.

‘Larry Clark’ is an homage to the folk legend Odetta’s ‘Waterboy’ video where love is transmitted to the filmmaker, who’d “defined urban teenage lust life.”

“‘Larry Clark’ is a song about the beauty of turning misery into art,” Shamir commented on the song. “Larry is someone I think who does it best. The great thing about being an artist is being able to turn personal trauma into something beautiful. The video however is an ode to folk legend Odetta. It’s an homage to an old live video I watch to calm down and get inspired to for a big chunk of my life.”

SHAMIR’s latest album (available now) ‘Resolution’ marked the artist’s new direction in his music, with ample guitar hooks, anthems, and his voracious appetite for a ‘difference’. He now explores genres as country, punk, and everything in between, in an effort to cast aside the ‘norms’ of success and pin-point new advances within himself and his music.

Enjoy SHAMIR’s art. We sure do.


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