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Shane Leonard // Steelings // Burning House // Indian Summr // Mumzees

Shane Leonard – Postcard Laundry

Wanting to add to the world, in a positive way, SHANE LEONARD searched to become something more than what the world dictated. Early, he studied music, then changed to become an English teacher. However, subsequently the call to music pulled him back and now is based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where he digs deep to produce songs like ‘Postcard Laundry’. The single is a calm actuation of the undulating waters of the mind and heart, through the roads of no-returns, where dreams might or not, die from exposure to the elements. But that’s what the the risk entails, and you must take that chance. Shane will drop his solo album ‘Strange Forms’ in 2019. We look forward to where he’ll take us next.

Steelings – Where You Go

Jacob and Sita Steele makes ‘Where You Go’ as bright as the early morning sunrise to a beautiful day ahead. It’s hard to have such days of exhilaration in our adult lives, but it sure can be felt through songs like this by the STEELINGS. And the appreciation is fully realized and is delightfully recognized. The indie-pop/rock addition to the musical Universe cares too much not to be a part in your rotation. There’s guiltless righteousness in this direct pop ensemble. And as you skip and stride down the road of tomorrow, you sing and smile at whatever may come your way. You can handle it. You know it.

Burning House – Mimosa

Southampton based BURNING HOUSE, keeps it humming, as they present the naughty rock affair, ‘Mimosa’. Aaron Mills stated about ‘Mimosa’: “It’s a song about the fall of an empire. I wrote it as a big, self-conscious, opening rock song – the kind that would fill a stadium, but retaining ethereality; sonically a fusing of yin and yang/masculine and feminine.” Taking tried and true indie-rock fervor from the 90’s, BURNING HOUSE makes it new and fresh, with vitriolic decadence that dances at the tip of your tongue. Look for more of this fantastical and nostalgic excitement from Burning House as they drop their summer expected LP.

Indian Summr – Tired

Written in 10 minutes, INDIAN SUMMR’s single ‘Tired’ is about exactly about that relationship that is just ‘tiring’. You know. That kind of relationship. Are you happy to be with the one you’re with after work? Is the relationship a physical manifestation, or is it a wall that inhibits you from inside. Is it YOU that is preventing? “Tired is about growing up and never finding enough time to do the things you really want to do in life,” said the trio. Let’s not regret what we are and are not doing. Let’s do the things that you’d like to do. The band consists of Ryan Flook, William Kirkendall, and Phil Williams. They don’t want to regret their past. They live for their futures. We should too.

Mumzees – Arcane Love Affair

Wow. Just wow. Listening to the verses to ‘Arcane Love Affair’ you get to witness the art in this beautifully punk-rock art piece. On their sophomore LP ‘Void Feeling’, THE MUMZEES grates and pin-points delicious and deranged collection of exciting chords to make you dance with psychedelic enthusiasm for the here and now. Stunningly bright, and gorgeous in production, this single is a cornerstone project that dictates exactly what the band can be and will be in your heart. The darkness, isn’t that dark with THE MUMZEES at your side. You welcome it, with both arms wide and writhing love for the ravenous.


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