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Shane Tully – Phantom Followed

Shane Tully’s Phantom Followed inquisitively asks in vibe, what can happen in a moment of clarity. After so many steps in doubt and seemingly insurmountable challenges – what happens in that first step forward?

It’s winter.

It’s cold.

It’s windy.

But you stand there – thinking. Doubting.

Doubting, then thinking.

Standing in the chill of the winter storm’s aftermath, the dry goods store front, where you now stand is an odd placement to be. The vapors coming out of the sewers, waft thickly into the freezing air above. You watch, as the cloud pass, not recognizing your plight.

You are under dressed, and the chill begins to gain on you.

It’s been 30 whole minutes, and this niggling nervousness has not gone. Why has it not gone? Should have by now.

Maybe it’s the chill in the air – it’s not helping.


It’s just me. I’m always like this when I’m not confident – you say to yourself.

The street pedestrians go about their mid afternoon chores, doing their business in the big city. They have offices they have to get to.

I’ll make sure I can do it, you said silently.

Here she comes.

Take that first step.

Tully’s music is darker than it presents itself, and is silently provocative. The turmoil is raw, and the vision for the narrative comes forward.




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