Shannen Bamford ‘Slow Fade’ : Love is hard. Harder even to separate from the good times in memory.

Shannen Bamford

“‘Slow Fade’ is about being faded out by someone who doesn’t have the heart to make a clean cut,” said Shannen Bamford, “the person often thinks they’re doing you a favor by withholding their true feelings, instead choosing to continue to string you along, telling you what they think you want to hear as you sit with the sickening. erosive feeling in your gut that somewhere along the way, something changed.”

Dreamy pessimism, for all the positives one can preside. An unbalance of such, balanced in hopes. A division of what you’re confident of, rattles at the hums of life and relationships that trigger the most sane of hearts. “Why can’t you be outrageously certain?” We sometimes won’t ever know why we are so.

Love is hard. Harder even to separate from the good times in memory.

“You drive yourself insane, wondering where you went wrong and if perhaps, you’re just overthinking – the anxieties makes you hold on even tighter, in turn pushing the person further and further away. You’re powerless as you witness the crumbling of a once beautiful and brightly-burning connection.”

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Aug 7th

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