SHAPES ON TAPE Shares For Us Their Single ‘Ctrl yr <3'.

Listening to the first bar and licks of SHAPES ON TAPE’s single ‘CtrI yr <3’, could make anyone happy. Well, maybe just a very small percentage of the Earth’s population might not, but we certainly were; happy that is.

In any sense, the song is a ‘challenge’. To you, to them, and to the public at large. The message is to “go ahead, come aboard the love train. The train that is racing towards the tunnel of loveliness; unstoppable.”

And we say, let’s get the tickets to that destination.

We’re in.

SHAPES ON TAPE is a duo from Brooklyn, who seem like they are some partiers, and then some. Synth, guitar, pop hooks, Wave music construction.

Get you hard-hats. It’s time to dance.


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