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Shapes on Tape Shares ‘So Much’. “Take It Home. Then Eat It, With Whipped Cream.”

We’d reviewed SHAPES ON TAPE’s single ‘CtrI yr <3’ and said that it "could make anyone happy". And this time they come back to us with 'So Much', a retro-spective nostalgic single which throws us off with the witty synth and the vintage style of the band (this time wholly written and produced by the band).

The catch keys and hooky guitars produce the kind of delicious pie of a song, which you can take home. Then eat it, with whipped cream – or not – depending on your mood. Jason’s always interesting vocal idiosyncrasies demonstrate the passion in ‘her eyes’ as you gaze into them. She wants you to kiss her, but you must now – for that sliver of opportunity will be gone soon.

SHAPES ON TAPE is a band which lives and breathes in the jungles of Brooklyn NYC.



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