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Sharkmuffin Shares ‘Liz Taylor’. “How Small, Is Up To You.”

SHARKMUFFIN’s fabulous single ‘Liz Taylor’ is about downplaying the ‘celebrity idols’ and to look more inside, towards yourself. Accepting your existence, who you are, will begin the healing process and then to better confidence in the future.


But is it that easy?

Would have been done, for many of us, if it was that simple, right?

However, understand the premise of the message by the SHARKMUFFINS: there isn’t a timeline, but just quota in taking account of your better worth, in small strides.

How small, is up to you.

If the band had it their way, your transformation will be over night.

Could be done, right?

Have a can of beer, watch some TV, then – poof – next morning you’re your own ‘man’, or ‘woman’.

Now, how nice would that feel?


‘Liz Taylor’ isn’t a knock on the actress, but it notes her power as a pop-hollywood-icon. It’s an appropriate subject, for the current dilemmas of the social order.

Awareness is key, ain’t it?

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