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Sharlet Crooks // Galaxy Juice // Victor Eskekärr // Dol Ikara // Munky

Sharlet Crooks – Maybe Love

‘Maybe Love’ is SHARLET CROOKS’ single pertaining to the sounds and sights of glee for life. The warmth from the guitars, and understanding tone of Corinne Sharlet’s vocals, gives thanks to the experience witnessed. The Portland based band consisting of Corinne Sharlet, Zach Hinkelman, and Jordan Korach makes this a compelling cause for alarm for the senses. In another level, the sense of sensuality is deeply seeped in tradition for their single, as it takes the route of less taken. Corienne’s lyrica prowess is attractive and engaging, as much as her performance and unpretentious emotional decor. The formula is ripe with the air of success. Look for even bigger things from SHARLET CROOKS.

Galaxy Juice – Live in a World

Kuwait based indie band GALAXY JUICE brings the power, the way they designed it so. ‘Live In A World’ is a world music defying, synth-pop extravaganza, turned on to subtle tones, and delectable intricacies of words weaving in notes. Consisting of members Salem Al Salem, Abdula Asem, Mohammad Alowaisi, and Bader Al Salem, the band’s charisma is delicious in this single, as it molds the story within a story; telling of the massive end of a life’s questions, added to another line of unrelenting thirst for existence. Let them seduce you. Let GALAXY JUICE guide you for a while.

Victor Eskekärr – Rooftops

Wanting to be more than you are, is a dream of many of us. We aspire to be someone, a hero perhaps, when we grow older. Fighter pilot, football player, President – we want to be a big ‘man’ or ‘woman’ when we see ourselves as adults. But life doesn’t hand you those cards sometimes, and for some, we become deluged with the day-to-day regular life ‘stuff’ that we blame to have gotten in our way to our childhood imaginations. It’s okay though. And as Victor Eskekärr sings in his song ‘Rooftops’, you can be a hero, in your regular jeans, t-shirts, and regular 9-to-5. In your own way, and maybe imperceptible ways, you are a ‘hero’ to someone. Friends, lovers, strangers, your kids – we keep the ball rolling, as best as possible, with the tools that we’d fashioned our lives with. It’s not flashy, but practical – that’s for dang sure. So, let’s smile. Let’s celebrate the individuality and the real meaning of being a super-hero can be. Victor Eskekärr is a story teller.

Dol Ikara – Sparrow

DOL IKARA. Is magical. Is tantric. Is an image, on top of an inkling. The gothic-pop songstress and songwriter, reiterates a day in the life of a forbidden decadence; untouched and in ways that we cannot have foreseen. She’s the shadow – a vail of enlightenment, deeply shaded in foreboding musical divinity. With mixture of the right amount of 60’s psyche-rock elements, dutifully cemented by an eclipsing sense of beckoning, the project headed by Claire Roddy, emits a certain astuteness to the uproarious. The poet and lyriacist, now based in Los Angeles, cases the dark corners of her emotions and tries to help us dive right in. Charm and charisma drapes over Dol’s single ‘Sparrow’, never knowing which way your journey will take you. Tantalizing to say the least.

Munky – You’ve Got Male

Ireland based band MUNKY brings us this rowdy and raucous single named ‘You’ve Got Male’. Yes. That is a play on the once famous calling jingle from the Internet Service Provider named AOL. However, we’re not sure if MUNKY were referring to that cultural milestone marker, but it’s just fun to put that together with the juxtaposition of the rock n’ roll racket of this song. Have you listened to the guitar solo? Start there. Then get charmed by the harmonized vocals of the two singers. Old school hooks and new alt-emo rock sensibilities makes us swoon at a core level. Fun? Heck yea. Driving aggression? If Ireland wasn’t an island, they’d be in Chicago by now. Recommended? Heck, double yes. Word.


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