Sharon Little ‘Break My Heart’ : Vocal prowess, and penetrating emotive expanse.

Sharon Little

Sharon Little’s single ‘Break My Heart’ helps add another piece of the puzzle of the kind of quality of songs she can produce. ‘Break My Heart’ is Sharon’s second release from her upcoming EP ‘Another Galaxy’ (January 22, 2021).

Said Sharon: “This song is about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same. They tell you romantic things but you know they don’t mean it, begging them to be honest and just “Break My Heart.”

Vocal prowess, and penetrating emotive expanse, delivers in all of its facets. A beautifully gripping narrative of song.

Sharon’s music has found its home in television: NCIS, The Good Wife, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers, CSI:NY, Sons of Anarchy, The Cleaner, and Novel Adventures; her music has known no bounds.

Grammy award-winning producer Tim Sonnefeld teamed up with Sharon for this latest journey.


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