Shasta ‘Closer’ : Can only fluctuate into existence.


Shasta is the project made up of Micayla Grace (Albert Hammond Jr, Bleached), Jennifer Duardo, Jon Sortland (The Shins) and featuring Cecilia Della Perruti (Gothic Tropic, Beck). Micayla and Jennifer began writing songs together in San Francisco and as urban legends says that they met for the first time at night, in a dark alley in the Mission district and knew instantly they had found something special. A kind of kindred spirits-vibe bloomed.

Think that’s where a song like ‘Closer’ can only fluctuate into existence.

A revelry of calm and of disdain, surge through this apocryphal vestige of a single, longing in the large amounts of negatives, spread in attitudes and personal perseverance. A residual synth-pop / indie-rock contagion, that scrapes like nail files deepened by life’s hurt and scars.

With perfect pop tunes being crafted, the urge to break the mold persisted in Micayla’s vision of the band – which was ultimately realized by the snake like 6-string manipulations of the incredible Cecelia Della Peruti. Cecelia’s jagged, sultry riffs hoisted the rhythmic machine of Shasta into an even more unpredictable landscape adding to a unique sound that defies genre but blends elements of synth pop, electro, rock and 80s new wave.

We’re intrigued by the fascination of Shasta.

Might as well, for in some universes, that’s just enough to rule the world.

Listen. Get ‘Closer’.


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