SHE SPEAKS IN TONGUES ‘MAKE IT RIGHT’ : A person – one – speaking of the future, grasping, hoping, coping.

She Speaks In Tonuges

This project began as an exploration of what I believed were feminist themes in Bjork’s music and a desire to highlight them, especially given her latest releases ‘Vulnicura’ and ‘Utopia’… “Domestika” was the original title intended for what became Bjork’s iconic ‘Vespertine’, until she met Matthew Barney … the partner who would later cheat on her and file for divorce. There was something I wanted to reclaim in that. This desire was highlighted by my more recent struggles with Motherhood, mental health, and the wounding of being homebound.”

LP ‘DOMESTIKA’ is out now.

Surreal and dark and repeal to a holy retribution. A weeping of emotions, gathered tears, and originally un-accustomed loyalties, make the insane, sane; the real, unreal; the out-calling of seeded frustrations, bow in the hesitations of an impending soul. Cry for help, filtered into ravages of hope, taken apart into shards of omen. A person – one – speaking of the future, grasping, hoping, coping.

Chicago based artist/vocalist Kate McCandless is SHE SPEAKS IN TONGUES. ‘Make It Right’ is a gun wrenching note to a past and present qualifier to that person in the looking glass. A haunting and beguiling restitution, never reciprocated nor expected. What is wanting, however, is the opportunity of time and space to glint at a solutions for one soul to go forth and start, differently.

A new understanding between self and the Universe.

“8 years, 1 day, 1 take per song. Just me, my voice, and my looping pedal, live and in the moment…This album is my bloody valentine to Motherhood and all the wisdom She gave me. My hope is that this music serves as a kind of balm for my listeners, especially during these trying times.”

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"The work of the Mother is so often invisible. Taken for granted. Whether it's the every day Mother taking care of her children, her household, or our Mother Earth who's natural systems we abuse. This song is like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." DOMESTIKA, SHE SPEAKS IN TONGUES 2ND ALBUM IN 8 YEARS is NOW OUT for LISTENING ON BANDCAMP. LISTEN to the track INVISIBLE LABOR to get a flavor of what this album, and "MOTHER'S DAY" is really about. A description below… "I wanted to capture the feeling of grief from being on the other side of Motherhood. Having gone through the Threshold… You grieve the person you were. You grieve the lack of respect and honor and ceremony in your culture for Birth and Motherhood and Healing. It really weighs on you. I wanted to take the song from this micro level of that experience, that grief, to the macro level of singing from the perspective of Mother Earth. Of ALL the Mother Ancestors coming to this woman's aid and being her advocate and expressing their anger. Really pointing the finger at society and saying "NOW SIT DOWN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!" Please LISTEN and SHARE if you haven't already. Send me a note. Words of mouth and affirmation go along way. If you have the funds please support a local, self sustaining artist by DONATING $12+ to my VENMO @shespeaks ONLY. Due to the song sampling in my work, I do not charge for my music directly to avoid law suit. This is an extra hurdle I'd rather not have to jump, but this is the only way currently to send me some monetary exchange for my labor. Thank you. Photo by the immaculate @afterthequake @glittercreeps #bjork #Bjork #bjorkmusic #invisiblelabor #mothersday #listentoyourmother #lovemotherearth #domestika #doméstika

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