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SHEE // Kris Ivy // Gabe Meets World // Liv Dawson // Novaa

SHEE – Kick (ft. Andrew Butcher)

SHEE breaks out with new wings on this delectable single ‘Kick’ featuring Andrew Butcher. And that chorus keeps it devilishly hooky and delightful to listen to. With a variation of glitch added to the chorus line, the song goes from playful-to-playa level right quick. We’d said about SHEE in our previous review of ‘Fly’: “SHEE loves life. She does her best to embrace all that comes her way. She absorbs, learns, then expands towards new horizons.” And heck-darn-it, she does that exactly in ‘Kick’. Actually the single has given a whole different kind of angle for us to watch out for from SHEE. Kudos, indeed.

Kris Ivy – Cold

KRIS IVY comes at us with ‘Cold’. A startling account for a reaction to the oldest trick in the book: falling in emotionally draining love, or not love. Kris is originally from Romania, with already a successful CV under her given name of IVANA when she was 16 years old. But success had pulled her apart from the original goals of her art by the ones who she’d trusted to guide her onwards, on her terms. Now in 2019, she’s dropped her newest single and with edgy, electro-pop vibe, she is set to make her mark, once more. She’s excited for the road and what’s in front of her starting in 2019. We congratulate her, for sure. Fight on.

Gabe Meets World – White Clay

Reaching deep into the heart of it all, GABE MEETS WORLD, tackles the foundations of a gent, whom lives in a sparkly anxiousness. A gentle pond of liquid thoughts, perverse by external forces, tagged then with that niggling feeling of want and need. ‘White Clay’ is “about someone having a conversation within themselves,” stated GMW. “A smooth take on the struggle between self awareness and the fears of change.” A summary in doubt, shimmering in lust for the future, ‘White Clay’ is a breezy reminder of the impending palisades to climb. A challenge that is welcomed.

Liv Dawson – Pushing 21

“Pushing 21 is about taking action in cutting people out of your life when necessary,” said LIV DAWSON. “It’s fueled by empowerment and new beginnings. I wanted to let everyone know, especially young girls, that it’s really important to put yourself first and take charge in situations that are slowing down your progress in anything you’re doing.” That’s right. Distractions do come into play. Having a sense of urgency, fueled by desire is crucial to pushing the non-sense to the way-side. Hard to do. But with Live on your side, let’s all give it a go. ‘Pushing 21’ follows her previous EP ‘Bedroom’

Novaa – HMLTM

Up and rising Berlin based songstress NOVAA comes at us with ‘HMLTM’. Sultry, dignified, fascinating, expansive, the rhythms of love and relationships start with one spark, that one dedication to admiration and forever green affection. But that love must start from your own soul. Even as NOVAA was recovering from bulimia, she continued to struggle to cope with the mind and body. Climbing the peaks of the possibilities of being comfortable in being physical – with others, ultimately within, came to be the chronic puzzle. “These songs became my home,” stated NOVAA. “They helped me grow as an artist and as a person. I would describe my music as ‘Organic Electronic’…I don’t want to explain too much about the songs, I don’t see them as ‘my’ songs. They belong to anyone who hears them. I want them to be the fertile ground for the listener’s personal growth”. Soaring vocals, supported by soaring embrace for love, NOVAA speaks with depth in clarity. Her self titled debut album drops April 26th.


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