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SHEE // Oceanwires // Elkvilla // Alffa // Hotel Johnny

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SHEE – Fly

SHEE loves life. She does her best to embrace all that comes her way. She absorbs, learns, then expands towards new horizons. “‘Fly’ was written one afternoon after on my day off,” said SHEE. “I was feeling pretty awesome about how things were going on in my life & all of my friends…[It] is about celebrating the good things, no matter how small they are!” When life is at its best, it’s worth taking some time to enjoy it. SHEE encourages you with this airy and playful single.

Oceanwires – Fall Into the Boat

“Our approach is to take song ideas and deconstruct them and reassemble the ideas into something new. That way the songs are created by the band as opposed to one person. We used many of the original chords, but now they were cut and pasted into different spots and the tempo was sped up…It makes me want to jump and down and pretend I’m 5 again.” Dave Einmo and Aaron Starkey make up OCEANWIRES. Along with Jeff Baars and Samantha Wilder, the quartet delivers on the fun they promise from the first chord. ‘Fall Into The Boat’, is an idealistic trip that is immersed in post-punk sentiments, Seattle grunge-a-tude and maximal drive for rock goodness. Their debut album ‘There Never Was A Was’ is available now.

elkvilla – Through the Winter

Elkvilla is the solo project of Sydney producer Adam Dudek. Gentle as a wisp of air from her breath over your ears, and as exaltant as its ecstasy, ‘Through The Winter’ makes you gasp with emotional appeal. Step by step the melancholic music climbs and climbs, with acoustic resonance, electronic decorations, framed in delicious and memorable vocals. Adam’s debut EP will be released song by song throughout 2019. The album as he’s put it: “Its the soundtrack to falling snow, late nights and the lack of a lover’s hand in the cold.” Beautiful.

Alffa – Pla

The Welsh powerhouse band ALFFA brings their continuing list of offerings, drenched in domination and in the best traditions of classic hard-rock. Heavy chords, resounding riffs, driving vocals and the attitude to match, ‘Pla’ is sung in the Welsh language and with the always particular and poetic vibe the single kicks it to new heights. Massive and with plenty of swagger, there nothing that can stop you after you’ve listened to ‘Pla’. Their new album is scheduled for mid-summer, with a supporting live UK tour aligned.

Hotel Johnny – Wasted Dreams

John Wendorf is HOTEL JOHNNY. And in this soulful project, he dreams of combining indie sensibilities with his empathetic vocal attributions. And in ‘Wasted Dreams’ the electro mixed and blues guitar driven single makes your day just a bit better than before. It’s a rope of salvation, as it reaches out to your heart, with no pretense or ulterior motives. Just straight out honesty, in a promise and a pact for building something better and bigger – together. The Chicago based artist makes conventions fall to the way-side, as realities of love and optimism converge into something poignant and wonderful.


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