Sheenah Ko ‘Bialystok’ : To make you hop and slather smiles putting together emotional happiness and joy.

Sheenah Ko

Bialystok is the 3rd single from Sheenah Ko’s album “Nowhere In Time”, and her first attempt at writing a song with French lyrics.

“With the help of the album’s co-producer, Navet Confit, we wrote these French lyrics so that they would be loose enough for a club song but also express our fears of global warming” said sheenah. “Bialystok demonstrates my love for the Quebecois culture through how I view Montreal; upbeat, messy, intense, real, and fun.”

The song came out of a happy accident at a Montreal street festival where Ko accidentally bumped up the bpm on her drum machine while playing a much slower song.

The music video for Bialystok was a creative collaboration born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and represents what is possible while adhering to social distancing measures. Aitso (, who does live visuals for bands such as Wolf Parade and the Operators, decided now would be a good time to expand his skills to include music video creations while live shows and touring are at a complete standstill.

Like a sun-dial, Sheenah’s single points us in the right direction. A stepping on the grandness of travel expenses, in life and ominous stresses. A life cursory, the music of Sheenah Ko delivers in the best traditions of an LCD Soundsystem, which subtly defies gravity, to make you hop and slather smiles putting together emotional happiness and joy.


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