Shehehe ‘Down the Stairs’ : Never forgetting the fulfilling goodness, of past and the coming future.


Nicole Bechill, Jason Fusco and Noelle Shuck brings bricks to the party. You know the red kind that will dig deep into your psyche with punk goodness and skin parting aggression. But don’t worry. Fun is at the core of it, and the trio with the mostest, kicks it into gear with ‘Down the Stairs’.

“‘Down the Stairs’ is a tribute to life on the road.

“This song reflects both the joys of that lifestyle, such as meeting some of our best friends, connecting with people of myriad backgrounds who come to our shows, and realizing the impact our music can have, as well as its challenges, like falling down a set of stairs the morning after a late night, getting pink eye, or having to say goodbye to the bands you share tours and form irreplaceable bonds and memories with.”


It’s like a ‘revelation’ of sorts. You were down in the doldrums. Head filled with the day-to-day menagerie of life. Then you realize that you have a list of fulfilling goodness, of past and the coming future.

‘Down the Stairs’ is the climb back to where you belong. You can start, all over again.

Shehehe was founded in 2011, and since then they have toured extensively across the United States, earning a reputation for integrity, hard work, good music, and energetic live shows.

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