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Sheldoncole – Anastasia

SHELDONCOLE is love, as far as we can tell. His actions through his life of music has taken him, from a spark in ideas, to traveling unknown countries, and back. His assertive care for others and his curiosities, mend his broken hearts and then embolden his epitaph for why he exists. Song by song, and note by note, his love for his niece is the focus on ‘Anastasia’ as he digs deep at his own love for the child, whom inspires him so. “Why would I live with a broken heart, if I can live for love and love more?” is what he quotes, and it summarizes quite beautifully of how and why he writes. This year, his full album will drop. And as he continues to mingle with the world, he will continue to examine and suggest, the beauties of life, through his looking-glass of visions and inflections. We think we all should be there with him.

The Greyhound Factory – Someday

Four piece indie-rock band based out of Cambridge UK, has it out for that nostalgia that lingers like an early morning fog. The mist of the past diabolically mixes with the future, as we all swoon to the beats of our coming-of-age. Ryan Davies, Harry Butler, Dan Munday, and Kevin Carter make up this band and the shoegaze intuitions, hint at the edges with delight, as the innocent sentiments are conveyed with enthralling taste. ‘Someday’ is their 3rd single and was mastered by Kevin Paul (Nick Cave, David Bowie, Goldfrapp). The 90’s elements shine like beacons, but with a burst of pastel that only THE GREYHOUND FACTORY seems to display. The ride is playful, and the memories are warm. And we think it should stay that way. ‘Someday’ is certainly a treat.

FUSHIA – Dreams and Stardust

FUSHIA comes at your door with gifts of cinematic theatrics, with just ballads, balanced in pop, baroque, that hoses down notion for what ‘IS’. The made for movie-like cinematography within their single ‘Dreams An Stardust’ spreads your wings with no apologies. The instrumental layers, building to a drop of wall and sound. The piano progression is indicative of some 90’s sensibilities that imbue the decadence of your own. Your own emotional strifes, dreams, wants, needs. And as the song culminates to a vocal harmony that soars as the albatross gliding across the Atlantic, there is a feeling of comfort in knowing that you’ll get there – no matter how far the journey – no matter how difficult the travel. Challenges come down to earth, and mortal. FUSHIA dictates with a gentle brush. The sisters are your friends to the last.

Kate Wilde – The Bow

Harpist, pianist, singer/songwriter KATE WILDE is extraordinary. Beautifully inlaid with glitters of gold, the world opens up when she sings on ‘The Bow’. The blues become bluer. The reds become redder. Life becomes delightful, once more. Like the notions of Tori Amos, the harp framed single uses the unusual with the classic song construction, to convey the words of love and possibilities for all of us to absorb. As the wisps of airy decadence envelopes you, her vocals in paintings, drape you solum and the poetic. Expansive, ingratiating – ‘The Bow’ is an end to a beginning, and a heart wrenching anthem for the wanting and the desolate. Souls, rebound with the glimpse of hope for prosperity in ‘The Bow’, and it melts with white-hot affection. Gorgeous.

Kevin Hansen – Lilla

Kevin’s loving vocals incline itself to your chest. The hum of his expressions, redeem as they sew new seeds of wealth and fruits, along the way. On that path to a new and glorious promise, Kevin’s single ‘Lilla’ depicts the experiences that were and still too personal. We get to peak in, as the trepidations cling at the edge walls of his notes and lyrics. But how refreshing that is to see those anxiousness, dangle at a virtual-reality, where we can pick it like an apple and take a big bite. From then, we lie on that green field, with one in spirit, with Kevin’s own heartaches, disappointments, and ultimate triumph. “I wrote, recorded and mixed the song all myself,” KEVIN HANSEN stated. “I’ve taken the last year to wipe the slate clean and really hone my songwriting and production skills and this is what came out. Its about a new relationship and experience I had the interim. I hope you enjoy it and will consider it for a feature.” The honesty flows with no repercussion in ‘Lilla’, for strength in conviction is what makes Kevin who he is in music.


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