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She’s our hero: Fiona Apple’s loving message to Sinead O’Connor

Fiona Apple, famed indie and pop icon, very quietly sent, via YouTube, her heartfelt support to Sinead O’Connor.

Sinead O’Connor has had much difficulty in recently years, and with the video she had posted on Facebook flamed gossip that she was suicidal. However she’d said that she was feeling better.

But we are thinking that Sinead is doing her best to calm people’s fears (for her health) and try to move forward – even though it must be agonizingly hard for her.

Fiona ended the short message by declaring that she is her “friend” and that “(Sinead) is her hero”.

Fiona’s our hero, too.

We’d recommend you all support Fiona and Sinead. Both are beautiful artists and seems to be beautiful human beings as well. We respect them for that.

Fiona: Instagram
Sinead: Instagram


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