Shift ‘Hold’ : Tantric philosophies. Shine and luster.


“This song is inspired by artists like Fisher,” said Shift. “I believe this song to be my strongest song yet due to the energetic bassline, catchy lyrics and the ability to make people want to move. It took me just over 2 weeks to create this track listening to various techno and Tech-House tracks to ensure I had the right sound that my mainly American audience like. I started making this song when in Manchester and I believe that is where I got my inspiration..”

From gentle slides and twists, Shift’s single ‘Hold’ is a techno driven revelry of goodness and danceable fabulousness. When the immense house bass, gently feathered into a mould of rhythms and tantric philosophies, the single delivers with shine and luster that you’d expect.

Fabulous production. Indeed.


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