SHINGAI Shares Debut Solo Single ‘Coming Home’. From the upcoming EP ‘Ancient Futures’.

The beautiful and uber talented front woman and bassist for THE NOISETTES, SHINGAI, comes with her solo offerings. And in her debut, she opens up a new chapter to her storied history with single ‘Coming Home’. SHINGAI, as an artist, is ALL of rock & roll, rolled up into this pristine and majestically constructed singer/songwriter package. You all know what we mean, because once you have heard/seen SHINGAI, her memories stick with you forever.

The London native with Zimbabwean family descent, she stated that ‘Coming Home’ was inspired by her uncle, musician Dr. Thomas Mapfumo, and his Zimbabwe hit ‘Shumba’. ‘Coming Home’ is a mix of synth and it glues all the parts into a new sliver of consciousness.

Of course, SHINGAI’s vocals is the center of it all.

Always crisp, distinct, desirable, Universal – her singing prowess is nothing short of mesmerizing in every way. The hooks are infectious in the purest of forms, and as her charm drapes around each word she sings, you’re undeniably swept.

SHINGAI stated: “When the Noisettes flew to Zimbabwe to perform at HiFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) it was a phenomenal moment for us as a band. It had such an inspirational effect on me as an artist and we will never forget the joyful welcome we received”

“Coming Home is my klaxon call for the diaspora to reunite with those at home and build a bridge of hope,” continued SHINGAI. “Many of us are scattered and undernourished by the environments we have found ourselves in. We are still healing. ‘Coming Home’ is an ode to our resilience and optimism, even through the chaos. We are a loving people and this is a love song for the future. As a child and even now, whenever ‘Shumba’ plays, I smile inside. I feel proud of my roots and am able to keep persevering”


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