SHITHEAD’S RAINBOW Is Your Good-Nightmare. A Gold Sparking Dust Adorned Glue-House.

Do you remember in kindergarten, when we were in the crafting part of the day, the white Elmer’s glue would be used to draw something on a piece of paper? A house, a dog, a hot-dog, a boy, a girl, your teacher, were drawn and it was cool. You were into it. Then the ‘piece de resistance’ was when you could choose which color sparkles you could sprinkle to decorate your masterpiece! You chose probably the ‘gold’ colored sparkles. Then you spread the golden-goodness ALL OVER that sheet of paper. Liberal? Heck yes. The sparkling dust was an inch thick.

“Where is my Elmer’s glue drawing??” you thought to yourself.

In slow motion, then you realized, it was there…underneath the mountain of dust you had suffocated your project.

You liked your lips. Your eyes bulged out, in anticipation.

Then with your short stubby kid hand fingers, you took the corners of the sheet of paper, and you pulled it towards the sky!

And when you turned, you saw the most beautiful sight you’d ever seen in your 5 years on this Earth.

A gold sparking dust adorned glue-house – of your dreams.

And there, in that moment; that instant – all was right again, in this world.

Your world.

That’s what SHITHEAD’S RAINBOW is to us. The band is the chaos, that ultimately congeals into that warming ‘pat on the back’, that gentle ‘caress’ from a friend, or the sensible advice from that crazy cousin of yours who you hadn’t spoken to in years. The band’s brand of music always starts with the wrangling of what music SHOULDN’T be.

But then you realize, just like the gold-flaked glue house, the songs are structured and beautiful, in its own way.

The way you always like them.

And that’s what music should be and that’s what makes interesting bands like SHITHEAD’S RAINBOW just so fabulous, in our book.


CHF is a proud media sponsor of the 3rd Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival. Catch SHITHEAD’S RAINBOW and a plethora of other incredible bands October 6th (Saturday) @ White Eagle Hall in Jersey City!


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