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ShitKid – Oh Me I’m Never

Luminescent, hyperbolic, insane, protruding, ridiculous – it’s genius. And we’re good with that assessment of ‘Oh Me I’m Never’ by Shitkid. Because it is. And it’s that good. It’s disturbing too, but we regard that to be wrapped inside the ‘genius’ part.

But is it really ‘genius’?

We’re not talking Nobel Prize, obviously.

It’s the Nobel Prize-esque arrangement of sounds and vibrations, that seem at odds with each other, from note to note, bar to bar – however, just like the lunatic Flat Earth proponents, the escalation of grandeur is significant.

Some might call it a ‘sh*tty’ song.

Some might call it ‘just bad’.

But they’re not getting what the song, and what Shitkid is professing.

If dug deep inside, deep down the onion layers – we humans, just don’t give a fu*k. We do things that biological entities shouldn’t even have the gaul to attempt. But we do, and we do it often.

And off of that ‘don’t give a fu*k’ attitude comes the bad and the seemingly good – all depending on which side of the coin you’re cheering for.

At the end of the day, we’re here, doing the things most everyone does. Each day we wake up, clean up, eat, drive, walk, work, exercise, drink, and go home.

Doing it again – and again, and again.

“That was worth it, Sarah. The mortgage is paid. 45 years post. Let’s enjoy our lives.”

They now live vicariously through their grand-children.

Oh well.

It’s a good scenario. But all depending on the side of the coin you’re on.

Shitkid is made up of Åsa Söderqvist. She’s hip, indie, talented and we’re on board.

She’s rep’ed by Punk Slime, based in Stockholm Sweden.

Her new EP ‘This Is It’ will be dropping like a heavy hearth log in January 19, 2018.



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