Shitkid: ‘This Is It’ EP drops. Boom!

We’d been high on Shitkid (Åsa Söderqvist) for a bit of time now. Infatuation? Maybe too strong, but we’re certainly fans. Anywho, the new album ‘This Is It’ officially dropped and it’s available for the masses!

Our reviews of her songs ‘Oh Me I’m Never’ and ‘Yooouuu’ were pleasures for us. We said about ‘Oh Me I’m Never’: “Luminescent, hyperbolic, insane, protruding, ridiculous – it’s genius.” And about ‘Yooouuu’: “It’s the Nobel Prize-esque arrangement of sounds and vibrations, that seem at odds with each other, from note to note, bar to bar”

It’s good sh*t, as they say.

She’s been doing the tour thing in Sweden. If you’re around, take a swing (See below).

Things will go-down at SXSW. You’ll see.

She’s rep’ed by PNKSLM.

Order her album, [HERE]

  • January 13 – Umeå – Balder (w/ Spice Boys)
  • January 17 – Stockholm – Riche (“This Is it” EP release party)
  • January 18 – Norrköping – Klubb Republik @ Saliga Munken
  • January 19 – Gothenburg – Pustervik
  • January 20 – Växjö – Grå Våg @ Kafé de Luxe
  • January 26 – Linköping – Klubb Din Mamma @ L’Orient
  • March 2 – Lund – Blekingska nationen
  • March 9-18 – SXSW, Austin

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