Shitkid – Yooouuu (New Release single)

We’re fans of artists like Asa, more easily known as Shitkid, and we’re dang proud of this fact. Her stuff (the limited number of songs we know, at the moment) are just fab.

As she and her label, PNKSLM, are getting set for her debut EP (January 19th) she’s released another weird and provocative single, ‘Yooouuu’.

And we ‘got’ it, when we reviewed ‘Oh Me I’m Never’. We’d said then her song was: “Luminescent, hyperbolic, insane, protruding, ridiculous – it’s genius.”

And we ‘got’ it, again, with ‘Yooouuu’.

“Why do we like her output, so much?” you asked in your head.

Glad you asked. We just don’t know. But we ‘close our eyes’ while listening to her songs.

Yes. Closed our eyes.

The reason was to see if we could absorb the essence of her musical emanations.

And the outcome? Simply. The songs just stood strong on their own. On their merits. On their prospective reticence.

Shitkid is a whole package.

The ingredients meld together, for a tremendous result.

Our senses have never been fooled about Shitkid. We’d been on board and will for a long while.

“It’s the Nobel Prize-esque arrangement of sounds and vibrations, that seem at odds with each other, from note to note, bar to bar – however, just like the lunatic Flat Earth proponents, the escalation of grandeur is significant.”

She is fab.

January 19. Debut EP. Expect it.

Åsa Söderqvist aka Shitkid is rep’ed by PNKSLM.

Oh, by the way, things we really like about Asa:

  • We love how she is kinda ‘rebel’ – in her dress and looks.
  • She scares us, a bit, when she shows us photos of her with widened-psycho-like eyes (which we we’re cool with).
  • She seems like she puts down ‘irony’ and ‘sarcasm’ like there’s no tomorrow. And we dig it.


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