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Shonen Knife – Adventure

Shonen Knife is an institution for fans and fans of rock, in general. The band has been in circulation, kicking butt, and spreading the word of rock for 35 plus years. It’s a phenomenon we love and love to refer back to, frequently. And one of those times is about this song ‘Adventure’, which just give us hope and just grabs our hands to dance very awkwardly.

And why not.

With a song like ‘Adventure’, with its happy go lucky, sermon about tackling new challenges with a smile to cast sunshine in through the future – it’s good to dance!

Naoko and her sister, Atsuko just goes on and keeps us in tune with their musical sensibilities. And world over, there are fans that flock to such attitudes – we being one of them.

Their lyrics are ‘jumbled’, and we say this with the huge-est respect, for it’s unique, odd, but at the same time, very comforting and attractive. Their subjects linger in many facets of context, but they all are danceable and lovable.

And it’s been working for a long, long time.

They formed in Osaka, then subsequently garnered strong cult status throughout the world.

And we think the world listeners are richer for that.

Last year’s 19th Album was contributed by 5 members: Atsuko, Naoko, Risa, Ritsuko, and Naru.

We think they should be on your record shelf.

Post punk, pop punk will always sound great with these ladies.

We dig them lots.

And we should think that you should too.

They’re rep’ed by Damnably Records (UK/Europe), Valve Records (Australia), Good Charamel Records (North America), and P-Vine Records (JPN). All fab labels.



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