Shopping – The Hype

“So Cool” comes to mind when we listen to this song Shopping calls The Hype. Listen to the didding and conversation the guitar and the high-hat dances, and we’re ‘IN’.

It’s a fab song.

Weird, terse lyrics, 80’s quirky-pop vibe, and – HIGH HAT!!

We love this little diddy by the band. Listening to the ‘high-hat’ (and bobbin our heads up and sideways), we miss the solo! The solo is appropriate, non-assuming, melds very well with the vibe that the song spreads.

And the vibe. The vibe!

It’s not exactly a mix, but a salad with meats and ham, and lots of croutons that just works (except Thousand Island won’t work with it). Take some slice of vibe from the B-52’s, then put that in a bowl with Talking Heads elements, and some fun “high-hat” punk-ish work – you’ve got The Hype.

We’re not saying they’re “just like” the Talking Heads (lets be real, who really can be), but the vibe does overlap a bit in a Venn diagram-ish way.

Just a whiff.

But that is all that is needed! And we thoroughly enjoyed this song!

Kudos, Shopping. Kudos.

Oh, and they’re rep’ed by Fat Cat Records (Londong & Brooklyn). Check ’em both out!

Website (via label)

Fat Cat Records:

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