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Shoreline Shares Indicting Single ‘Elaine’. Recognize Me. Know Me. I’m Here.

Often, and very often, we come to that conclusion – of inclusion, of pity, of self doubt, of that feeling of impending doom. In the sight of happiness, there’s interpretation. There is that notion of, what can become ‘wrong’ with the powerlessness of the Universe around us.

In the single ‘Elaine’, we feel that is the genesis of that thought, of being, of stumbling.

Although the production of the single is very ‘raw’, underneath it all, there is sincerity and potential of that sentiment, bubbling in the heart. Your heart, his heart, her heart.

The Victoria, Canada based duo comes prepared to do battle with the indie folk gods with unaltered honesty and sincerity to the presentation they wear on their musical sleeves.

We do hope they keep it up, for there’s much there they could offer.




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