Show 10/4: @ The Footlight (NYC) Crushed Out, Kyle Avallone, Snakeskin, Frog.

You know what?? On October 4th you can see four happenin’ bands just rock the heck out of you. And you’re going to go. Why? Because we at CHF, said so and you shall!

You say no?? Heck no, to ‘saying no’!

Say yes!! Heck yes, to ‘saying yes’!!

Jamie and our friends at Audio Antihero (a happenin’ indie label) let us know that at The Footlight (465 Seneca Ave, Queens, New York 11385), Crushed Out (fab couple duo who knows how to rock-it), Kyle Avallone (who we think is very weird, talented, and wonderful), Snakeskin (very ornery and weirdly cool), and of course frog (the band which will grip your heart till you ‘feel’), are going to try their absolute best to grab a hold of you and entertain you ’till you say, “no mas, no mas!”.

However, the bands will ignore you and interoperate that as “yes, more. yes, more!” and they’ll provide – as they always do!

You’ll see.

Anywho, put this show on the regular calendar and Facebook calendar!

The Footlight website

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