SHOW US YOUR BITS Comedy Opens Up Its Salvos In Jersey City.

Open mics is a place – a safe place – where comics can shoot the breeze, and try out their shtick on stage. With peers and fans ogle them up and down for comedy gold, the general atmosphere is cordial, fun, and relaxed.

SHOW US YOUR BITS (SUYB) is a project of Angela Sharp and Mark Henely. Two performers and comics who love to see great local comics do their thing on stage. And that’s exactly what happened with the FIRST EVER ‘SHOW US YOUR BITS’ Comedy Open-Mic. The debut show’s home location is McGinley Square Pub in Jersey City, and a total of 21 comics participated with joy, new bits, and much chuckles. The event (as it’s always expected of comic open-mics) included laughter, confusion, bits that didn’t ‘hit’, new-comers, veterans, and camaraderie.

On a warm Saturday evening, the comics and fans gathered to do their ‘worst’. The bar was packed by 4:30pm with eager weekend ‘happy hour’ seeker, and corporate partiers. Within the confines of the back room (with spotty A/C performance) the gang were psyched. With elbows touching elbows, the show went on for several hours. ‘Perseverance’ was the word of the next several hours, for there were so many comics. The one’s who came a bit later for the sign-in had to wait for a long while.

And at the end of it all, it was a success, seen from any angle. The comics got their materials ‘out there’ for consumption, had a beer or two, laughed with friends and then enjoyed the weekend evening with peers. Best of all, not too much ‘roasting’ of anyone in the room was witnessed – although that would have been cool, if it did happen, for comics grilling comics is a staple.

Angela and Mark seemed happy with the set-up and were eager to set another date for the location. The show was confirmed for a second show and for sure, Angela showed it in her happy announcement.

So, we love seeing something out of ‘nothing’ just grow. And when passion for a craft is punctuated with a gathering like SUYB, it is cool to see and be a part of.

CHF has a habit of trying to do its small part in local comedy. With partnerships at ‘Last Laugh Comedy Show’ (Jersey City), and ‘HAGS Comedy Show’ (Asbury Park) working well for all parties involved, we hope our newest partnership with SUYB (Jersey City) will be another good vehicle for local comedy advocacy.

Let’s see how things go and let’s see how the next show will be like for the SUYB gang.

Congratulations SUYB!

Here is the full list of comics who ventured to the debut open mic:

  • Kevin Hall
  • Matt Stueck
  • Joe Gorman
  • Ben Miller
  • Joel Charles
  • Garrett Nygren
  • Rhonda Sciarra
  • Nicole Puja
  • Nick L.
  • Bobby Sheehan
  • Jack Steiger
  • Annie Weiss
  • Patrick Wadleigh
  • Irv Hernandez
  • Vincent Brue
  • Jesse Montonez
  • Brandon Wunderlich
  • Vic Cedeno
  • Jason Reilly
  • James Camacho
  • Eric Williamson
Joel Charles, Rhonda Sciarra ⓒ comeherefloyd
ⓒ comeherefloyd
ⓒ comeherefloyd
ⓒ comeherefloyd
ⓒ comeherefloyd
ⓒ comeherefloyd
Matt Stueck ⓒ comeherefloyd
Joe gorman, Vincent Brue ⓒ comeherefloyd
Ben Miller, Nicole Puja ⓒ comeherefloyd

Organizers Mark Henley and Angela Sharpe ⓒ comeherefloyd


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