Showtek x Spree Wilson ‘The Weekend ft. Eva Shaw’ : Just soak up this sunshine. We’ll all need it.


Showtek tosses us into that new decade with ‘The Weekend’. A technicolor celebratory romp that transports listeners into a carefree world beyond the problems of the day, the single drips into gear of fun, sun, and gallantry in artistic excellence.

Canadian producer/songwriter Eva Shaw and rapper Spree Wilson (who was discovered and mentored by Q-Tip and has co-written songs with Afrojack and for Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. label), Showtek proves once again that they are ready, as always, to bring a joyous and rambunctious sound for every occasion.

“If we would’ve taken life too seriously we would not have made this track,” said Showtek. “We noticed last year that the industry started becoming a bit saturated and too focused on numbers only. For us, it’s important to have fun doing what we do and being open to trying out new things. That’s the kid part in everyone, you don’t want to overthink every little step but just do, and try out things.”

Added Spree Wilson: “I thought about the crazy times we’re living in now and how we together, with this song, could bring a smile to people’s faces and really bring some joy in people’s lives through music. I just wanted my verse to feel carefree and fun and really highlight what it feels like to live every day like it’s the weekend.”

Eva Shaw expanded: ““Wouter of Showtek and I wanted to come up with a fresh yet familiar take on party music. We both have fond memories of pool parties in Vegas and a time when EDM, hip hop and pop started merging together in a fun, carefree way.”

Just soak up this sunshine. We’ll all need it.

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Now that we are all locked up in our house or wherever you are isolating yourself, you can actually experience how important human and social interaction is and how strange it is to not be amongst each other. Social media might be a way to distract ourselves from daily struggles when there’s no virus around, but it feels pretty empty to not be out there at all doesn’t it!? Nothing beats a good conversation, a walk in the park , going to an event and surround yourself with people who share the same passion. Hopefully we will find new appreciation in things we took for granted and learn a valuable lesson. Let our governments figure this out for a better tomorrow and make sure our elderly or those in need survive. Stay healthy, be patient and don’t be selfish! Leave some food and toilet paper for the people who can’t stay at home (police, firefighters, doctors and nurses etc) and actually need it more than some of us do! We will back soon with a lot of new music!! ❤️

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