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Shutups // Pale Moon // Danielle Grubb // Drug Hunt // TARA

Shutups – Jaywalk Over Me

We’d stated about SHUTUPS (Hadley and Mia): “Their creative pageantry knows no bounds, from erratically erotic visions culminating in sonic and visual manifestations, to understated adjunct horrific in emotional restitutions, the duo does no wrong in our eyes.” There was a purpose to that comment, for the outfit is a trip, from top to bottom whenever they hit the road in your mind of what rock could be. Mia sums it up on one of her statements: “I’m completely untrained musically, which I think is limiting sometimes, but I’m also kind of this impressionable canvas which offers limitless opportunity…Quite the paradox. I also hit things really fucking hard which is the only way to move through trauma and mental shit I cannot express.” She’s a drummer. And with vocalist/guitarist Hadley, they makes stuff that sticks like a knife just under your third to last rib from the bottom. It hurts – so good.

Pale Moon – Exile

Icelandic/Russian Psychedelic group, PALE MOON, released their single ‘Exile’ prior and here is the official visuals for the song. It’s a fun song, and music video. The band stated: “Video is one shot, we made costumes and animation ourselves.” Creative indeed, for sure and resourceful. And in a delightful way, the melodic single ‘Exile’ is that representation of such collection of skills. Off of their EP ‘Dust Of Days’ (available now), the song encapsulates the visions of ‘matter of fact’ and ‘contradicting’ fissures of personal gratifications and worldly epitaphs. Originating from duo Árni Guðjónsson and Natalia Sushchenko, the band is a gently dancing daisy in a field of desiring souls and ambitions. Tranquility is personified in this single, the PALE MOON way.

Danielle Grubb – ruins

Dallas, Texas based artist DANIELLE GRUBB offers ‘ruins’. We listed to this single and after accepting the fact that it was so much fun, we’d started to think how fun it would be to have a music video that went with this single. And that inkling just stuck with us throughout. The boppy indie instrumentals, playing off of the sentimental strength of Danielle’s inherent vocals, just works so well. A 90’s vibin’ groove that is both pop and rock, the song is an indicative off ramp to a more visibly more inviting sector of life. It is a virtual, techno-colored vibrance, with primary hues radiating the promise of a great time. Dancey and prominent, Danielle offers her hand to join her on that stage. We should follow.

Drug Hunt – The Tower

DRUG HUNT’s politically charged single ‘The Tower’is a declaration of war to the ‘hierarchy’ of the modern age, according to them. “It’s a song about looking away rather than acting, it’s about being safe in a tower and watching the world burn below” stated Rory Morison. “I hear the voices of a thousand marching down the street, they waved their flag, drugged their minds, waiting to believe.” Quite the thrust, don’t you think? With the classic rock vibes, thrown up against the psyche-rock columns? We sure do. The single was produced by Drug Hunt and Blind Owl regulars, Daniel Cervantes (Howlin’ Rain/ Mrs. Henry) and engineer Jordan Andreen (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Earthless, Sacri Monti).

TARA – Wander

Jack Weiss, Wesley Deimling, Alexa Garay, Saagar, and Stephen Kingslow make up this delightfully compelling sounding board, TARA. The Universe in the single ‘Wander’ is encapsulated – mystifyingly – within each note and chord of the song. How? Not sure. But what we can feel is direct and visceral in a very real and non-cliche like way. The Brooklyn based band is a quintessential demonstration of what a 5 piece band can construct in an organic and beautifully commiserating style of musical valor. Stated Saagar Kurani: “All the songs come from a set of demos that I recorded over the past few years in my home studio in New York City…I then worked with Wes Deimling (guitarist/vocalist) and try to explain the emotions I’m trying to evoke so that he can then curtail the vocals and the lyrics to match the proper theme of that song.” Success, indeed. Continued Saagar: “Though there are elements of shoegaze it’s more of a dream-pop/electro-pop song this time around. We wanted to curate a more luscious sound with a rhythmic backbone. It’s supposed to highlight a melancholy and feel good vibe (good summer love song) but still sticking true to the genre of guitar infused electronic indie-pop.” Thoughtful and Universal vibin’, ‘Wander’ is like seeing the vastness of the expanding space around our planet, for the first time. Something that needs more investigating. Something that needs our attention.


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