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SHY SHY SHY Delivers ‘Joyride’. A Beautiful Song Sculpted To Emotional Peak.

Danish indie-pop duo, made up of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard, SHY SHY SHY brings the voice and attached sentiments from memories of now and forever, with ‘Joyride’. And the single off of their series of songs written for the Danish TV show ‘Doggystyle’, penetrates with honesty and solum positivity, radiating through the hymn-like work of Astrid vocals.

In the darkness, there will always just enough of a shimmer for us to go on. Our energies, pushed along the rights of passage – a route to resistance of the mind and experienced hearts. The cementing of emotions and outlook, comes with the territory of adulthood – emancipating one thing from another – perpetual captivity, and insistence in kind.

“We wanted to write a beautiful song about feeling like shit but at the same time we also wanted to depict the chaos that goes on on the inside.” Astrid Cordes explains.

The chains of life breaks open, at a sudden moment, after years of toil and brute agony. The non-progression is transformed to the explosion of creativity, showering its glory to the individual mind and finger.

The soundscape of SHY SHY SHY, relegates parts of us to a child-like state. A hopeless dreamer of dreams – dreamt every other night.

The clouds depart, soon or later.

And maybe, just maybe, at that same moment, the night had already turned to day.

‘Joyride’ is a beautiful song sculpted to emotion peak.



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