Siam Jem ‘Dependency’ : Settles like the discarded memories of your past.

Siam Jem

Siam Jem is a shoegaze/dream-pop band founded by Michaela Rabina (vocals/guitar) in 2016 with Nico Brough (guitar), Nicole Bandoquillo (drums), and Paige Arevalo (bass). Los Angeles based and just having released a new EP ‘I Saw A Swan’ (out now), ‘Dependency’ delivers alt-rock experiences in this drizzling pop endeavor.

A cast of characters emerge in this singl. Solumne, profound, and guilty pleasures, radiate through the song, and settles like the discarded memories of your past. Delicate like dust, eccentric in tone, the band’s aims are fully realized in this delicious appetizer.


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