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Sid Steppes Shares A Death To A Peace Of Mind In Single, ‘I’d Like To Go Away From Here With You’.

Squeaky squeeze-box of a lonely and utterly deprived reality. Forbidding nonchalance of haste and malcontent, from a past notion of depravity. A certain and flag bearing fruits of decades in a knees deep marsh of sorrow, and heartaches.

SID STEPPES is a California based DIY artist who dips his fingers into the well of unsatisfied figures of decadence and self prescribed inspirations of knowhow within a rehabilitating husk of a human.

The witnessing of a musician, self-correcting and self-healing with his music and lyrics, is what culminates within the depths of his witty and gray descriptions of unmitigated lust for life.

His life.

“I listened to a lot of John Lennon during a hard time in my life and was inspired by the vulnerability and honesty in his lyrics,” stated SID STEPPES. “I had never written about my emotions before but listening to Lennon eased the fear of opening up and exposing myself.”

Sid continued: “Although [the upcoming album] Trails is inspired by heartbreak and the deep depression that follows, its central theme is more about recovery and mindfulness. The lyrics throughout the record encourage the listener to become aware of the thoughts and mental grooves worn into their mind…like steps on a trail. Through this awareness is the path to recovery.

We can free ourselves from bondage. We can curse ourselves into eternal deparvation, if we’d like. Pain and joy can all become a ‘friend’, if not careful. Time is now, and the time requests that we look deeper.

Just a little bit more.

Sid sure has.

Look for such advancements in Sid’s musical progression in his new upcoming album ‘Trails’ (May 31st).

We sure are.



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