Siente ‘On Guard (feat. Nic Hanson)’ : Happy. Dance. Smile. As you know you can.


UK duo Siente brings their first single of 2020, the infectious ‘On Guard’, features vocals from fab singer Nic Hanson, as the single slaps you in the right ways and gets you dancin’ till dawn.

Nic Hanson is a singer, producer, linguist and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, PA. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of fiercely unique characters including Stevie Wonder, Benjamin Franklin and Anthony Bourdain, he writes songs that blend soul, funk and hip-hop. Nic’s debut album is set to be released shortly and has already spawned two singles (‘Crush on You’, ‘Fake Deep’) which premiered in Clash and Forbes Magazine respectively.

‘On Guard’ draws on Siente’s love of “emotional, evocative pop music”, which when combined with their dance music influences results in a pop-house hybrid with lush synths.

Nick Thompson and Steve Lamb are out to get you smilin’ and dancin’.



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