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Siente Shares ‘Doubts’. “The lights of life is calling you to dance.”

Gorgeous and vibe-changing, SIENTE’s newest single ‘Doubts’ dropped and we just wanna grind with you.

Yes. You. We wanna grid with all the love and affection, movement of appendages and bodily shimmies can communicate. The lights on the dance floor is multicolored and it’s inviting as f*ck.

You know it.

We know it.

Let’s do dis.

Warm and lovely synthpop glistens off of this single, with the added absolution of the vocals to challenge and adapt our senses for the thought of love and future loves.

House music like this is brought to you by Nick Thompson & Steve Lamb, where they tag rapturous simplicity with the haughty and magnificence of chords and bass that gets your juices flowing.

‘Doubts’ fits everywhere and anywhere within your life’s compartments. Sad and lonely? Lively and happy? All things are good to go with ‘Doubts’.

The Fourth Of July celebration is over, but the beach summer season has just begun.

Let’s have SIENTE set the scene.




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