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Sightline Heights Shares Single ‘New Escape’.

SIGHTLINE HEIGHTS’ is Marc Eimer’s project with featured and guest musicians, playing and recording songs that are relevant to them and their listeners. And in his single ‘New Escape’ he exists to convey the message of positivity, of neglect, of redemption, and maybe, just maybe ways of moving on.

The charm of the single is the ‘rough edges’ of the recording and of Marc’s natural inclinations of his voice. It’s very late 90’s garage rock emanations, reflected in a power ballad-ish / folk-country delivery. It’s an interesting prospect.

The ending of the song contributes to the feel you receive when going to a local live music venue. The finished single, a product of many hours mulling over details, simply (and in an enjoyable state) becomes a long jam session resulting in an odd exit.

The single is easy to consume, it’s easy to be affection about it, and best of all (we’re guessing) that the song will be beloved by many for a long while.


Long-time friends Stephen Lorek and Dylan Mulcahy (both of band, Shark Tape) contributed to the songs.

Debut EP is available now.



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