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Signe Marie Rustad // Abject Joy // Ruthie // V-Neck Sweater // Helga Arvesten

Signe Marie Rustad – Die With Your Boots On

Said SIGNE MARIE RUSTAD: “’Die With Your Boots On’ was my writer’s block recovery, written parallel with recovering emotionally from a traumatic time in my personal life. The phrase ‘Die With Your Boots On’ is kind of an alternative way of saying ‘don’t give up’. Despite anything you may be going through, don’t ever give up. Don’t take those boots off – don’t stop walking onwards.” The Norwegian-American singer/songwriter adapts to any cause and effect that lies within her footprint of life. Emotional reflection is one of those strengths that she strives to embolden everyday. With valiant lyrics, poignant beauty in song, revelry in harmonies, Signe takes you up higher, to a plateau of notions unheard of. A singing reference for what had been in her life’s calling, to the road that seems bumpy at times, but so very rewarding. She tries not to forget all of the goodness, amongst the inevitable trials and tribulations. Seems like life. Seems like our lives. ‘When Words Flew Freely’ will drop November 1st. Another single ‘Something Easier’ will be released in September 27th.

Abject Joy – It’s Good to Have You Back

ABJECT JOY’s single ‘It’s Good To Have You Back’. What can we say that the song hasn’t already said. The perversion of vision; the manifestation of how we live our lives, often comes to fruition with the folks who attend our road of life. The righteous to the contrarian, we dip deep into the faults and crevasses of our own reflection into meaning, by proxy. The happy-go-lucky vibe of this song is inviting but to us, have a sense of caution. What we mean is that there are great things in life that you shouldn’t forego and dismiss like it’ll always be there for you. Cultivating and nurturing is what any relationship needs. Whether family, friends, or strangers – we all can be friends. But let’s just not forget how precious they are to keep.

Ruthie – Land of My Lover

Beautiful singer/songwriter RUTHIE keeps it real and unimaginatively grateful in her single ‘Land Of My Lover’. Like the sunshine peeking out of the gray clouds, the single is a positive outlook into a relationship, that has all of the potentials in the world. RUTHIE explained: “When you’re in love with someone, your relationship becomes a kind of landscape that you both share.” But the honor of such pacts just don’t last sometimes. “After a break-up, I felt like I hadn’t just lost a person, but the entire landscape of my life, and I felt lost in a foreign country. Breakdown and renewal are cyclical and contain more questions than answers, but hope can be found if you can dream up a new landscape for your life.” RUTHIE has this glitter about her music. The 70’s singer/songwriter vibe, thrusts with honesty and sentimental shimmer of a solum and heart breaking coming of age vibe. The endearing aptitude of ‘Land Of My Lover’ casts a narrow but wide aggregation of mixed emotions that facilitate warmth and understanding that is just very ‘Ruthie’.

V-Neck Sweater – Search Light

Take a listen to the convictions of a man through the bass line of truth, in V-NECK SWEATER’s single ‘Search Light’. JAKE J. BROTTER is the solo mind behind this NYC based ‘bedroom recording project’, as he calls it. The architect by day kind of guy, Jake has a thing for music that digs deep into his creative juices to pull out the marrow of that one thought or sentiment that joins his corners of emotions that hide. Hiding within his every-day, Jake sees joy in bringing the visions of his craft, whether it be in the gazy shimmer or through a path of vibin’ lyrical incantations. Jake added: “This song was written in the aftermath of my mother’s unexpected passing a few months ago. In the days and weeks following, I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was trying to reach out to us (myself, my brothers and my father) to lift us from our despair, but fearing that we were too far gone… “sunken” into the abyss… to feel her attempt to save us from the darkest depths of our grief.”

Helga Arvesten – The Edge

HELGA ARVESTEN is Sweden based. Helga is Universally born. Helga lives in that fold of life where you and us, deviate, then are corrected into submission by the decadently experimental and viably beautiful. Helga’s words are those beautiful meteors in flight. In her song ‘The Edge’, the telling speckled bands of spectrums, glisten with delight, as the child within us, dance with the smiles that has been missing. Inspired by works of her heroes like David Bowie and Frida Kahlo, Helga is a mix of uncanny talent, and mysterious aura. Contrasts are a plaything for Helga, as her lyrics keep the ship on the path to the safe harbors, just waiting for docking, during this turbulence of self-doubt and anxiety. Helga said: “Struggling with insecurities, anxiety, and rootlessness, finding a way to express herself became the foundation for staying sane when feeling troubled.” Visual artist and music creator, Helga brings to earth the subjects of inner turmoil, but incessantly reminding us that the complexity within our lives – in our brains – are normal and to be dealt with. She gives us a way to strength. She gives us the license to express and strong. Look for more new sounds from this talented artist.


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