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Sikemor Shares ‘Leg To Stand On’. Dream’s Dream, You Can Dream About.

Rapping in the eternal sanctity of his arms, secure and proud. Dragged my instincts, delicate at that time, to the level of equality. Kissing his forehead of intrigue and handsome relativity, made our souls cross in exulting brilliance. Only in my mind.

Or was it in my mind?

Or was that for real?

In reality of that warmth, a velvety ambience of love, care, affection…

Or am I dreaming; in a state of ‘want’ and ‘desire’. Unwarranted by life’s signals. Bare. Dark. Undeserving?


But work after your dream’s dreams. Make it your own.

Sikemor is a band made up of siblings Rafael, Gabe and Fiona Casino. The L.A. based band, as heard here, makes quite compelling music, for your soul, and then some. The dream-pop trio uses their vocal instruments with ease and successfully brings out the kind of emotive reactions, we love to see at CHF. Rafael’s falsetto vocals, is gentle and vital to the overall focus of their songs. The layers added by his siblings and non-sibling band mates are the perfect storm.

They are a treat, to be sure.



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