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Silas Neptune – Feathers of Ma’at

“To the heavens I flap my wings, across the seas, traversing dangers. I come to the crossroad, where my life can end or flourish forever more.” Yep. When listening to Silas Neptune’s Feathers Of Ma’at, surely give us that ‘high above the clouds’ feel. And you know what? We dig it.

There are times, not really appropriate for mortals like us.

But sometimes, when there’s not too much ‘noise’ going on in our heads, we like to put on the headset and listen to the notes from a song that has that middle eastern flavor to it.

There’s a reason the style makes one become more calmer, and takes that ‘edge off’ the disturbing life we sometimes lead.

Take my hand, my grace.
Come away with me, to that place.
Hold my arm, for it is strong.
Together, and ever – forever more.

Our ‘poem’ was cheesy =D

But Silas and his band, are definitely not, and does it right with ‘Feathers Of Ma’at.

It continues the tradition of such styles, certainly doing its grandest to afflict the ‘hug’ we all need time to time.

As in Sila’s own words:

“Thanks to everyone I love for tolerating me while I was lost in my worlds, hiding from reality in waves of harmony.”

The 7 song album dropped on December 8th, and available now.

Check it out.

Kudos, Silas. Kudos.



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