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Silent Forum ‘How I Faked The Moon Landing’ : Colorful antics sends us on a tizzy.

Newest album ‘Everything Solved at Once’ is available now.

Silent Forum / Photo: The Shoot.

Four piece Silent Forum comes from Cardiff. Silent Forum have been described, very fittingly, as an “uncouth Talking Heads” (Buzz magazine), sharing a sophistication and playfulness of the latter with “the progressive pop sound of XTC and the new wave idiosyncrasy of Squeeze” (Destroy/Exist). Or as Silent Forum put it, many of their songs are “punky without being punk.”

Avoiding cliched break-up or party tracks, Silent Forum’s album is in part themed around a disgruntled office worker, with an awareness of the tongue-in-cheek humour in juxtaposing corporate life lyrics with jagged punk numbers.

Fun and disorienting-ly fab, the colorful antics of Silent Forum’s guitar and instruments, sends us on a tizzy, as the vocals of Richard Wiggins delivers sentiments of British new-wave with absolute gusto. The keen vibes, and color that is of LCD Soundsystem-like vibrance, you’re in for a treat whenever you’re listening to Silent Forum.

Let’s dance like Byrne. Let’s dance like Major Tom. Let’s dance like the weekend’s here.

The band consists of: Richard Wiggins, Dario Ordi, Oli Richards, and Elliot Samphier.


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