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Silklake – On Your Side

“I always wanted to record more melodically oriented songs with acoustic guitars such as Pete Yorn for example. Maybe even with folk elements like my beloved Nick Drake. This is how ‘On your side’ was born. We also filmed video for this one but it’s on editing process.” Reflective about his methods to building songs, Silklake’s heady and intelligent drive to make songs that matter, is soundly delivered with peaceful acumen and chaotically emotional solace. The folk ambience, in his strums of his guitar, casts a wide cider of refreshment, while successfully gauging delight for the senses. The 33 year old artist, born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, but based out of Moscow, describes ‘On Your Side’ (Silklake’s debut single) as: “a song about how some people prefer to stay [like] children inside and follow their dreams, despite of ages..” Energy comes from within. And for some, it is that essence of being ‘child-like’, gives that center for greatness. We all should. Look for more from Silklake.

The Harvey Steel Show – Artsy Crocodile

You can see them next @ Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen Norway on November 14th. And there you’ll get to feel the impending vibes of a band that exudes the kind of feelz that comes from the depths of the 60’s psyche era, but burns with tension in ‘Artsy Crocodile’. Lucid dreams are painted by the artful words of The Harvey Steel Show, and the water soluble essence of the band, washes your sins away, as the delight of the thumping anthems, crust over the delicate souls of participating visions. It’s a trip. And The band with a collective of individual artists itching to give you that pride of gainful music – dusts your environment in fabulous pixie dust of grandeur and triumphant story telling. They’re a trip.

Alex Bayly – Animal

Alex Bayly returns with his delicate new single ‘Animal’. The single is taken taken from Alex Bayly’s album, ‘Ley Lines’. Bayly’s distinctive, baritone vocal oozes with passion as it soars over the atmospheric soundscapes created from the gorgeous layering of instruments throughout. Based in London, Bayly has been a part of both the indie and folk scenes for some time. And that kind of expertise shows in his play. Alex’ vocals is gorgeous. A preemptive strike on the nudges of sensibilities, we hide from the everyday – his voice touches with antithetical contrasts, burgeoning with folk caresses and love. A putrid hinderance of the world, melt away as Alex seanades your every being – having your emotions re-kindled and remember how it ‘used’ to be. The album is a sought after list of conclusions, in love and all that comes with – a bearing of improprieties in decision, made whole again – for the future ahead. See him next @ Green Note, London December 3rd, if you can.

Name Change – identity

Name Change is the Western Massachusetts based collaborative recording project of multi-instrumentalist producer/songwriter Johnny Gerrard. The outfit features singing from members Lauren Console, Audriana Cruz, and Johnny Gerrard, and was written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Johnny Gerrard in his home studio. When performing live, Name Change consists of Gerrard (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Audriana Cruz (vocals), Tyler Shaw (bass), Nathaniel Noah (keyboards, synthesizers), Kevin Mason (drums), Carolyn Dufraine (vocals, trombone), Campbell Fackre (guitar), and Lauren Console (vocals). And when they perform, it’s an event, of colors and layered activities in music. The combination of personnel, and mix of genres, crop such a decadent offering in ‘identity’. Clashing thoughts and promises, dissolve in a headwind of acidic nudges in ‘identity’. Put up in r&b/pop, the song is just a small taste of what Name Change can do. Uniqueness in song. Grandness in ambitions. All swirl in a guitar affect, conjugation of notes, where you shrill in satisfaction and smiles. Look for lots more from this fabulous outfit.

Linen Closet – Warning Sign

Linen Closet began as a bedroom studio project of Adam Hilton. And off of the self-titled LP, ‘Warning Sign’ (out now) is a 5 minute turn on the dime, indie extravaganza, which talks soft, but hits with a big stick. As does The Doors, the psychedelia brims with versatility in ‘Warning Sign’. A spawning of horn splay with poetry and lyrical explorations, as the frame of the pitch for resiliance of the human condition, tries its best. A cry out for help and assistance, spout out in bravery, as Linen Closet’s benevolence cast that glow, in spite. ‘Warning Sign’ is a beautiful single, that just works. With Adam’s lead vocal expedition, we take the journey well recommended. And we’re better for it.


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