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SILLA // Nitefire // CONTENT // Jamie Sloan // Ryan Langlois

SILLA – Shy Machine

“Normally, I am associated with my indie rock and garage rock bands as singer and guitar player…Shy Machine is the first song off my solo project named SILLA. Entirely self-made, self-played and self-produced, I felt the need to try to communicate through music purely on my own to see what the end result would translate to. This song itself is a kind of poem about being so shy that it comes to the point of being as predictive and certain as the mechanics of a machine.” SILLA’s single is informative, emotive, and constructive in its bearing of its underneath rawness. Grating vocals to traditional sounding instrumentals, help the listener embark on a journey to a nether world of self reflection. Or if you’d like, it’s a way to simply view the with eyes wide open. Lurking, peering, surmising… taking notes.

Nitefire – Ride or Die

A new project from model and influencer Nico Geyer and Luke White, the duo brings the vibe of infatuation in lyrical form and musical feelz. Longing and jealousy, is manifested in the thrusting question of recognition for the other. Not wanting to lose, or be a losing side of love, the protagonist does on a rampage of pre-eminent retribution. All in the rights of loving for love’s sake, ‘Ride Or Die’ is a call to the union of one to another, with an undertone of commitment, in bad time and good. True love? You can say that. The duo creates atmospheric pop that combines the intimacy of contemporaries Clairo, Whitney, and Real Estate with the energy and showmanship of essential acts such as Tears For Fears, The Human League, New Order, and Devo.

CONTENT – Coy Voyeurs

Written, performed, and produced by Jaiq Styne, ‘Coy Voyeurs’ is the debut single from Los Angeles dream-wave / vapor-yacht project CONTENT. Spending the past eight years playing in Los Angeles and across the world, Jaiq Styne (Night Beats, The Entire Universe, Altar Egos) is always writing and recording new music, even if it’s on the road. With the attitude and vocal resonance of a far gone past decade, the writhing pastel buttons of life, gushes with ambition from the lips of CONTENT. The absolute optimisms of living and love, camps out at the collars of the vaunted neck of ‘Coy Voyeurs’. The decadently tasting charm, washes over you with delicate touches of its fingered waves.

Jamie Sloan – How?

“‘How?’ tackles my personal and ongoing battle with mental health. For a long time I’ve suffered with Anxiety and Depression. I made this song as a reminder to myself and to other that it is something you can overcome, even when it seem like all hope is lost.” Growing up in Northern Ireland, Jamie had a passion for music but never a desire to make his own. His persistence and grit has driven him to where he is today: after releasing his second EP ‘KT’ in 2014, Jamie’s music has been played all over the world, he’s achieved nearly 5 million streams, and been signed to a record label (with which he recently parted ways). The ‘streets’ of being an artist and a floating part of this world, is where Jamie’s grit in lyrical construction is born. The bright future is held off in the examining of the current and heartaches. A personal struggle that is never ending, the struggle with mental health, in its own way, keeps the fire burning. Jamie’s EP ‘No Fairytale Stories’ is available now.

Ryan Langlois – This Is My Home

Out of a loving, lion-heart, comes this anthem of acceptance and reverence for where we all come from. Small towns, large cities, lifestyles, future desires – we’re all different. And where we come from is part of what we are – but never everything that we decide to be. “I believe every song has two specific moments in its life,” said Ryan Langlois. “The moment that inspiration hits and an idea is born, and the moment that inspiration finds its voice and a song breathes its first breath. “This Is My Home” was born the last weekend of May, 2018 when I was invited to give the grad commencement speech at the northern Saskatchewan, Canada high school I attended, Pierceland Central School. The town is one of those places you can’t wait to leave but once you do you realize how amazing it really was. A place where community is everything and that community champions one another.” Anthemic and proud, ‘This Is My Home’ is a personal gratitude of promises from the Canadian artist. It’s a packet of lyrics you can lock onto for your own personal journey. See Ryan next @ Bo’s Bar and Stage, Red River, Alberta October 30th.


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