Silque ‘Luna’ : With lessons learned, and sage interpretations of what’s to come next.


“We thought, now we’re gonna conquer the world! Everything had to be bigger and bigger, wilder and wilder,” said lead vocalist, Anders Friis. “You had to attend the right parties and be the last one to go.”

A great deal of things have been going on the last two years for Silque. Made up of mentioned Anders, with Lauge Heebøll, Mads Kieler and Mathias Bust, the silky smooth ethereal-ism bursts into profound gratitude of smiles and emotive fulfillment.

Their debut album ‘Gloria’ (2017) and EP ‘Red / Blue’ (2018) placed the band firmly on the musical scene and resulted in both publicity, radio airplay and strong live shows. At the same time, it opened the doors to the notorious music industry with all the temptations that inevitably asserts.

‘Luna’ exudes a longing for the night, and the melancholy has been wrapped in danceable tunes, which makes it easier to say what needs to be said. And just like many of us in the world, Silque, wanted to let the universe know of the challenges and triumphs that always strewn along the side of the onward road of life.

With lessons learned, and sage interpretations of what’s to come next, the band quickly pushes forth with delectable vibes that they know they can offer for their fans.

‘Luna’ continues that trend, with absolute rush.


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