Silque ‘The Love You Give’ : Exasperatingly undeniable and urging you never to be stagnant in your beliefs.

Silque / Photo: Line Westerboe

‘The Love You Give’ is an uptempo indie-rock song and where its essence revolves around love.

The Copenhagen based band brings lyrics gravitating around the mantra “You Got The Love You Give”, referring to the karmic form of love. The kind that goes around when it comes around. The band has explicitly let themselves inspire by the Beatles classic ‘The End’ that has a similar message, yet worded: “And in the end, The love you take, Is equal to the love you make”:

“The End is a reference I keep coming back to as a songwriter and I think it is one of the strongest messages there is,” said frontman Anders Friis. “If you mainly live by the thought that the love you give is what you’re going to get back in return I believe the individual is on the right path. I have for a long time been wanting to write a song with this message and have intentionally played with this reference on ‘The Love You Give’.”

Exasperatingly undeniable and urging you never to be stagnant in your beliefs, you just can’t be unhappy with the effervescent positivity of Silque’s works. With their debut album ‘Gloria’ in 2017 and an EP called ‘Red/Blue’ in 2018 (and with 9 of their songs have been in rotation on danish national radio (P4) and they are getting noticed by the danish music press), seems their live show lore will get stronger and stronger.


Let their pitched pop vocals, heavy Hip-Hop beats, disco strings, techno elements, dark distorted guitars, vocal samples, bass synths, pumping EDM loops, spherical reverberated guitars, 80’s disco bass and mechanical kraut-rock drums – rock your world.



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