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Silver Torches – If I Reach

“Wondering whether to survive, and take you out for coffee?” It’s a decision that needs to be made. Silver Torches’ If I Reach, is a beautiful construction of the known and unknown, and the distractions to that golden dawn.

“Follow me to the dawns of time. Where we can make it up as we go.”

“Why? Why should I do this to myself?”

“Because you love me. And I love you.”

She was silent.

Let’s kiss each other until time stops. You belong to me, I belong to you.

There’s nothing that can impede us.

‘If I reach’ is the song that just melts your cells, and takes you on a flat roller coaster.

Smooth and uninhibited, the love song (of sorts) describes what will happen, but no guarantees.

For the listener and for the subject of the song, the road will have bumps, and tribulations. That is the norm.

But together, that road can be glorious – even with the pot marks.

Erik Walters is the voice and project leader of Silver Torches and he’s fabulous.

His vocals just soothes, and sometimes we want to hug it deeply.

Kudos, Erik. Kudos.

We dig Silver Torches, a lot. You should too.

The latest album ‘Let It Be A Dream’ is already out and ready for purchase.



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