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Silveräpplen ‘Take Me, I Am Yours’ : New sounds and possibilities.

Self produced new EP ‘Pretentious Lofi Inc.’ drops this winter.

‘Take Me, I Am Yours’ is Silveräpplen’s second single. Features indie electronic friends Annelie (vocals) and Johannes from Skybar (vocals & drums tracks).

The Gothenburg based solo project by Simeon Pappinen Hillert brings wafts of ambitions and hints of synth dictations through the latest additions to his arsenal. The new project breathes new and fresh emblems of what music could be, as it pumps newly oxygenated hooks and pop vibes into a progressive arrangement into heart.

Sound engineer Simeon has toured thru more than 30 countries with some of Sweden’s best pop bands. And now debuting as an artist with the self produced ‘Pretentious Lofi Inc.’ which will be released this winter. The EP features collabs with friends from the Gothenburg indie electronica scene, such as: Sir Was, Annelie, Gustaf Karlof (Niki & The Dove) and Emma Lindstrom (Canigou) amongst others.

‘Take Me, I Am Yours’ is a charming offering of new sounds and possibilities to the creative process of a format which delivers in light and subtle personality.


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