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Silverbacks Shares ‘Sirens’. “Distractions drown. Must peek out, once more.”

Hunger for something more. You chomp and punk out. You dance and chant. Never understanding what the world really can do to your fragile summation for life, and culture, and misgivings. But it can never be that clean cut – black and white.

Fizzing with the narrative criticism about the state of us, politics, nations, human-on-human antics – the band from Dublin Ireland, keeps the door to positivity with ‘Sirens’.

Daniel O’Kelly said: “In ‘Sirens’, the narrator misses riots and important protests taking place in his city because he’s too preoccupied with writing the perfect soundtrack for what is happening. He’s equally distracted by his relationship issues, tennis, and his obsession with his favourite band.”

Right. Things are complicated by the inherent deed of what adult life becomes, and is. We’re all succumbed by the degradation of our sensibilities. Our emotions impressed by the crushing pressure of responsibilities, negate our once pure and dominant feelings for justice.

No blame either way.

But someday, we must realize – nay – awake from the slumber of our personal dreams, and maybe peek through that natural curtain, and form a better informed causation for our current and seemingly unshakeable opinions.

Something’s got to give, someday.

The sparkle of Silverbacks’ sing is indicative of the foray of fabulous attacks the prog-rock inspired play. The gradual instigations, vocal hymns, and decadently odd pacing, stagger your current vibe of what rock could be. The shimmer of the brightly lit smiles of ‘Sirens’, throw dagger with precision, as it draws you into a blackness that, somehow, affords you with calm and delicious juxtapositions.

The band is Silverbacks and is made of talents: Daniel O’Kelly, Kilian O’Kelly, Peadar Kearney, Emma Hanlon, and Gary Wickham.

See this dynamic band next @ Nerve Centre, Derry, Northern Ireland on December 13th.



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