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Simen Mitlid – This Time

Simen Mitlid’s This Time takes one back to the place of calm and tranquility – an acoustic melancholy, seeped from the 70’s essential love for love sake summary. The band electively describes the thing that makes one, perhaps, chew on his/her finger nails. It’s a good thing; it’s a reminder of what could be.

This song is made real by: Simen Mitlid, Emilie Korsvold, Hans Olav Settem, Emilie Korsvold, Anders Hjelden, Sondre Fredrikstad, Marit Othilie Thorvik. It’s a group think project that helps one succumb to the lax present in such musical language. Soft and delicate pronunciations justify the similarity of words and notes. Intentions are put on large signs, quietly puts exclamation on to what one is hearing and absorbing.

The procedure of the song guided us into a weird but utterly familiar world. The Norwegian origin of the band is of no factor, for this song faithfully asks the right questions.

“In the time of need, one could ask, of himself, of what else? Could that be of no consequence, well before the troubles end. Where will I be? Where will you be? Will you stand, next to me? In front? At back? At side, of pre-conceptions – we doubt with sorrow’s dull edge.”

Simen is getting rave reviews for the new album. Check ’em out! You’ll like.



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